Are you pout ready?

  I think, Im in love with whites… my wardrobe has been stacked up with white tees, and recently this cute tee has been added up! 


 It ranges from classy to casual, pair with a bright neon skirt and you are good to attend your friend’s brunch party! Here, I paired it casually with my favourite black jeans! 

  Another sweet thing added up to my collection is this funky red pout earings! Well it actually matched the top so thought lets add a red pinch to the monochrome colours! With these you will definitely stand out in the crowd!!

 Then i went with my star backpack and black block heels to complete the look!

   For the makeup, tried to match the red colour of the earings, so applied a dark shade of jungle red! Didn’t forget to use the mascara this time, wish I had such gorgeous eye lashes!

Did the basic makeup because I wanted it to be more casual, and highlighted only my lips and eyelashes!

   Well sometimes I make the messy hair.. but these are my natural messed up hair! 😁 I need a haircut again! 

Outfit details: 

Top: Sugarbox 

Earings: Sugarbox

Jeans: Lee Cooper 

Heels: Streetstylestore 

Backpack: Max fashion 

Hope you liked this post, tell me if you have any suggestions!! And flaunt your pouts, be always pout ready 💋


Chicamonz ❤️ 


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