Jaipur travel diary

So, last month had a great trip with my family to this beautiful city of Rajasthan. For me, its the most gorgeous city I have ever seen.

The colours, the delicate work, the beautiful material of the cloth are great things to fall in love with. I think this makes the dull weather of the city more colourful.

Also one interesting heritage of Jaipur was Jantar Mantar, shows the intelligence of ancestors. They developed these huge stone devices to calculate time and other things to determine the “kundali” of a person without any tools, just hats off to them.

All the places like restaurants, cafes have a Jaipuri touch in them, this makes this city looks so vintage.

On the other side they have these huge palaces which are preserved from ages. They show how royal were the people of Rajasthan.

Not just the palaces but each house in Jaipur has a unique story. Eventhough they are all dressed in pink colour, they have their own dissimilarity, I love that about Jaipur.

So, to incorporate all this royalness and beauty, I was wearing my tullu skirt and paired it with a neon pink tank just to compliment the name of the city.

I accesorised it with a flower locket and golden cuff, as I had to roam a lot, preferred sneaker over heels.


I insist girls, if you wanna feel like a princess, please do visit Jaipur to have that experience.

Cheers to one awesome trip of my life!



Chicamonz ❤


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