9 pieces/ 9 outfits

       So, I saw this idea on pinterest, and gave it a try! Great for minimising luggage, at the same time you will be always pretty in  pics! I have limited it to 9 pieces, good for college, office and trips!! If you try this, send me your snaps! 

Outfit 1: 


     I am at home, so no one could help me with the pics! Sorry about that, will be back with great pics soon!  

So, this outfit is great for your meetings or presentations, it gives you a whole sophisticated look but is trendy as you are wearing a tshirt inside your blazzer. I added my block heels and brown “go to” bag, and yea don’t forget to put a watch! 

    For this look, just parted my hair sideways and added my wine festival lipstick from Maybelline! 

Outfit 2:


     Yea, I look fat😕! Its because of the holidays! 

   Anyway moving to the outfit, I like to fuse ethnic and modern fashion! So added this heavy neckpiece which is named as “5 planets” (by me) with the age old white tee and blue jeans. I then realised that my juttis would give it a perfect touch. Add up a wallet and you are good to go! 


    Then I tied my hair into a top bun and I am ready to be stared at! Not because, I look good, because it’s different, if you try something like this, people will surely throw some stares! 

Outfit 3:

   This is a simple one.. just accessories add the glam.. The right ones with the right colour and at the right occasion.

    For the hairstyle, I went with the clutch pony, Also don’t over accesorize simple looks. 
Outfit 4: 

     So recently got this new handbag from voonik, I love how it goes with maroon colour! I am in love with this scarf, this look really came out good.

    The loose braid is great when you wanna protect your hair from the pollution and also look glamorous.
Outfit 5: 

       This outfit is perfect for shopping with your girls, denims are seriously my favourites whether they are shirts or shorts. 

    I made a simple twist and pinned it up, and there it is the completed look.
Outfit 6:

     This is one of my favourite looks, its girly and fun! The little pink hearts add a lot of colour to the outfit.

  I never realised that a centre partioned hair, can look so good, try this out, don’t forget to take all your hair to the front.
Outfit 7: 

    I am not a huge fan of this combo, but with some accessories, I think its looking good. 

       Tied up my hair into a normal ponytail  to complete this look. 
Outfit 8:

    This is a more serious look, so that people take you as grown ups. Although this didn’t work for me.

   I never do any hairstyle without a little puff, but experimented with this side partitioned bun. 
Outfit 9:

     Denim again, but doesn’t go so good with dark grey, Its an alternate option for your not so special college days.


     I did a side twist and  pinned it up.. this hairstyle adds great volume to your hair.

  I hope you liked this post and took some inspiration from it. 


Chicamonz ❤️ 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. You look cute on outfit 5, 7 and you look fat in outfit 2 ☺


    1. chicamonz says:

      Thank you, yeaa i know! 😕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You look very professional in outfit 1 😎


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