Bass rani

I know have been offline for a while, sorry for that!! 

So, here I am with some new fusion outfit idea.. you can say that this season shows my love for orange! 

This month is special as it is gonna be all fusion of more indianism with bits of western and all things possible… 

     So, lets begin with the details.. I bought this dress during diwali.. but couldn’t wear at the occasion😕 so fused it up to make it less traditional! 

      This beautiful piece is from PEOPLE.. they always have fresh colours.. in clothes as well as accessories.. 

To give it the fusion look, i just did one simple thing.. added a black choker.. (want your feedback on this) 

     Then teamed it up with glitter sandals and my favourite bag.. which is again from PEOPLE!! 

     So thats my complete outfit, with little details like the zhumkas with orange beads… and wine red lipstick… 

See you soon!! 



P.S: Temme hows my new haircut??


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