Sporty Chic


              For those of you, who don’t know this place its VR mall in Bangalore. Every corner of this place is damn beautiful. Whenever I go here, it feels outside India. Have some beautiful moments here and at this time of the year, I am cherishing them the most.

Also, it has awesome stores in there!! The collection is pretty awesome (my fave- H&M, Forever21, PEOPLE, MAX) Do visit this store during Fridays to get discounts in H&M store. This is when I visited the store and found this wonderful piece at pretty less price.



          I love the sports tees but they are more boyish.. so, to add the girly touch, this sports dress is perfect. Its super comfortable and make me want to take control over everything😁 Please tell me what you think of this outfit??


               I paired this dress with my beloved white shoes and white bag which was already with me. So, now I am good to go for a day event or a game or something. Made sure that I have minimal makeup to get that rough look for this look!! Temme your opinions??

Outfit details:

Tshirt dress: H&M

Shoes: Forever21

Bag: local market

So, that’s it for today, will post more on a daily basis now. Please do follow me on all my social accounts if you like my content!!




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