Material Girl

     The title seems a lil greedy.. hmm the content is not going to be!😸 So who is material girl??🤔

     She is somewhere out there fighting with her needs against the other people’s needs! 

Who are these people?? they just eat half of her mind because she is thinking about what will they think??

 Anyhow they will bother you if you want them to😏 

      Just breakthrough this thinking and do what you want to.. people out there are anyways gonna comment. Atleast you will be happy because you are doing what you wanted to. 

        We just get one life to live.. so live it to the fullest.. Make your own decisions.. take the ownership of your life, because its yours dear!! Stop taking the influence or judging others too.. 

       Don’t take the dominance because you are a girl.. just stand strong along with your wishes.. which is what means to be a material girl.. doesn’t mean she is selfish, she is just being the captain of her own ship!! You go girl😘 

Outfit details: 

Skirt : Ni hao fashion

Top : Max fashion

   I will be back soon with more such content.. till then happy reading!! 




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  1. Top could’ve been of better brand.

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