#Gokarna Diaries 

A sweet escape from bangalore😍, I wanna take more such trips and explore the beautiful nature.. Because everytime we come back, we see the world with different eyes.. realise the happiness of little things.. and apart from that we also have that freshness..

P.S : I also brought little sand with me in my shoes😜

So let me tell you about my short and beautiful journey to Gokarna

First morning was spend exploring this beach(Om beach) it was a little trek at start but it was so calming once we reached the waters.. We then had yum breakfast at Namaste Cafe, you have to visit this place and just wait for the sunrise.. a good start in Gokarna!!

     Then this beautiful beach was waiting for us, Going here is little task.. but then its all worth it,, I would really never leave this place.. Then the rest day was spent taking dips and having fun..

       Also don’t forget to book a cottage at kudle beach in this beautiful resort, from front it looks like its a normal building but the backyard is a real charm.. Everything here was really eye pleasing!! Loved my stay here😻

      Was little bit confused to choose to stay at this beautiful resort or take a dip again on the beach.. I relaxed for a while wearing this shift dress which was from ajio…  but the beach was calling for me.. So again sat on this beautiful beach to enjoy the sunset.. the end of first day(it was over already )

        Again early morning I got up… ran to the beach in this adorable palm leaves co-ord… the water was super cold.. and so was the weather.. then I parted my ways with this beach and went to explore the rest of the city 🚘

     Also a little tip for those who are staying just for a day.. do a early checkout and drop your luggage at the resort.. because carrying it and roaming in the city is little difficult.. the roads are not even.. All the time, I felt like I was treking in Gokarna😬

      So then I wore my best clothes.. collected my sunglasses and was off to explore the rest of the beaches.. well nothing stands before kudle beach..

     The city is beautiful and has a lot of Russian tourists, so various food cuisines.. The place is also famous for ayurveda and oil massage.. I wish to have one, but didn’t had time for that

     Also the place was actually a pilgrimage that has so ancient temples., the famous one “Mahabaleshwar Temple”.. I wish to visit it the next time!!

      So this was my express journey at Gokarna.. If you just wanna relax at your weekend.. its a perfect place to visit.. I just didn’t wanted to come back from kudle beach.. At last while collecting the luggage, I went again just admiring the water and the wind and the everything 😍😍😍

Babye till next time


Chicamonz ❤️


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  1. Oh, you look so hot on cold shoulder top and short skirt 😍

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